1. Teams to comprise boys and/or girls attending the L&SPSF member school.

2. All players must wear appropriate footwear for the prevailing conditions, shin guards must always be worn and goalkeepers must wear appropriate gloves, watches and jewellery items of any kind are not permitted on the field of play. Players are checked before ko and referees are instructed to prevent any player not properly and safely equipped participating in matches.

3. Matches to be 9 a side for mixed (boys and girls teams) and 7 a side for girls only teams with any number of rolling substitutions ie players substituted themselves become substitutes. The minimum permitted number of players is 6 for 9 a side and 5 for 7 a side. If any team has fewer than the above minimum the game will not take place and the match will be awarded to the opposition. If during a game the number of players on a team falls below the permitted minimum for whatever reason the game will be stopped at that point and the league committee will decide whether to award the result to the opposition or direct that the game be replayed.

4. For the duration of the Covid 19 pandemic the standard 11 a side football laws will apply to 9 a side games with the following changes. Heading of the ball is not permitted and throw ins are replaced by kick ins. These two very important changes are intended to prevent players touching the ball with head and hands to limit transmission of Covid 19. Goalkeepers may still use their hands but must wear gloves. Rules relating to substitutes as described in rule 3 above still apply. The rules of mini soccer apply for 7 a side games, these will also be subject to the no heading and kick in changes.  

5. League tables to be based on points, 2 points for a win, 1 point for a draw. Goal difference does not apply. League positions will be alphabetical when points are equal except for the final tables. In the event of a tie for 1st or 2nd place the head to head record between two teams will be decisive. If the head to head record is inconclusive then the team winning most games to be placed higher. The final deciding factor will be the "Fair Play" scores. Play offs or trophy sharing may be organised at the discretion of the executive committee.

6. 9 a side games to last 50 minutes plus any stoppage time. 9 aside cup matches to have 10 minutes extra time and penalties if needed. 7 a side games to last 40 minutes plus any stoppage time.

7. All schools to provide match footballs which must be size 4.

8. Schools should fulfil their fixtures irrespective of loss of players because of injury, school disciplinary action, representative football etc. The only exception will be for pre-planned wholesale absences such as school journeys or secondary school entrance exams. However, such absences must be notified to the league at least two weeks before the fixture in question. Large scale absences because of illness may also be considered sympathetically by L&SPSF.
Late notifications by schools unable to play may result in the match in question being awarded to the opposition. If there are any doubts about being able to fulfil fixtures the League needs to know at the beginning of the week preceding the game. Withdrawals after 12.00 noon on the Tuesday preceding a fixture may result in the game, League or Cup, being awarded to the opponents.

9. Any team failing to adhere to rule 8 and not fulfilling a scheduled fixture shall be deemed to have lost the game.

10. Schools failing to turn up for a match which results in non use of a pre booked pitch will be expected to pay the cost of pitch hire and invoiced accordingly.

11. L&SPSF aims to provide qualified referees but schools should have a responsible adult available to referee their matches. All 7 a side games will be refereed by the schools involved.

12. Schools are responsible for the behaviour of their players, team managers, coaches and spectators. Schools shall direct all their spectators to stand on the opposite touchline to that which the players and coaches occupy. Any behaviour deemed by the executive committee to be unacceptable will result in disciplinary action including formal or informal warnings and if necessary consideration of immediate expulsion from the league or any other sanctions considered appropriate by the executive committee. Particular attention will be paid to displays of dissent by spectators and/or team managers/coaches.

13. Any player sent off or cautioned during a game may be reported by the League to his or her school and the management committee may also initiate disciplinary action and penalties appropriate to the offence. Referees are instructed to issue cautions and send off players as they deem necessary and without prior warnings to coaches. For the avoidance of doubt yellow and red cards will be shown.

14. Schools winning their division will be awarded the divisional shield and be responsible for having their name engraved upon it. The shield will be kept by the winning school and returned to the League at the end of the following season.

15. Players of the winning and runner up teams in each division will be awarded medals (up to 20) provided by the league.

16. Each school will pay a season membership fee as agreed at the preceding AGM which includes pitch hire, referees fees, league admin, affiliation to the South London Schools FA, entry to the Magazine Cup, and any small sided competitions organised under the auspices of South London Schools FA.

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