Coaches Charter


 The coaches of all participating school teams agree to the following:

 1.  The coaches/managers for each team will confirm with each other during the week of each game played that they will be attending and the colours being worn.

 2.     Before the start of games coaches will direct their parents and supporters to the opposite touchline to that of themselves and their team. When playing at Rosendale Playing Fields spectators should watch from the touchline adjacent to the raised bank. Coaches and their teams be on the opposite touchline by the trees for the duration of the game. Coaches agree to ensure that their spectators and their players remain behind any touchline barriers or line markings on their respective sides of the pitch.

 3.     Coaches may move along the touchline provided they do not move on to the pitch except in the case of injury to a player. If a coaches persistently encroach on to the pitch the referee and/or L&SPSF official may instruct them to remain behind the touchline.

 4.     Substitutions will be made from the halfway line with players entering and leaving the field of play only around the halfway line. Substitutes will remain off the pitch until the player they are replacing leaves the pitch at the halfway line.

 5.     All coaches agree to raise any concerns re the behaviour of opposition coaches, players or spectators they have during games either at the time with a league official if present and or with the referee at half time or after the game. Coaches agree to only approach their opposite number in a polite and respectful manner and not to persist if their approach is not accepted by the opposition coach. Written representations may be made to the league as soon as possible after games.

 6.     Coaches accept that they, as a representative of their school are responsible for the behaviour of their players and spectators.

 7.     Coaches agree to respect the referee at all times and encourage all players to accept refereeing decisions without dissent and to ensure that players shake hands at the end of games.

 8.     All coaches agree that L&SPSF games are played by primary school children for enjoying and learning about football. All else is secondary. 

In return and as an addition to the charter Lambeth & Southwark Primary Schools Football undertakes to provide participating primary schools with organised, regular and competitive league and cup football in 9v9 and 7v7 formats of football. L&SPSF will treat all schools equally and listen and look into all reasonable complaints and make decisions in the same spirit of “Fair Play” as set out in the Coach’s Charter.

 If any coach or school feels unable to abide by all the above points participation in any football activities arranged under the auspices of L&SPSF will not be possible.



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